Nutrients Your Body Needs

There have been several trustworthy surveys that asked people if they felt they ate healthy foods. One in particular had 70% respond believing their diets were basically healthy. When these same people were asked what they ate, researchers discovered their diets were anything but healthy.

What we eat matters!

It’s not easy these days to have a healthy diet.

Processed foods have become staples, most of which are empty calories loaded with fat and sugar. We’ve lost sight of what food really is and what it means to our health, which is why I created this site.

Food is supposed to nourish our bodies and supply us with the nutrients to be catalysts for millions of miracles that take place in our bodies moment to moment.

You are not going to get those vital nutrients in processed foods. I know it, nutritionists and dieticians know it, the National Institute for Health knows it, the World Health Organization knows it, AND the processed food industry knows it. Now you know it.

Without the nutrients your body needs – all of them – you can’t prevent that 65% of diseases that will lead you down the scary path to your incapacitation or untimely death.  You already have the basic requirements in your body for the invasion of disease.  One or more of them are already checking you out.  If they haven’t moved in already!

Have I got your attention?

It’s time to learn as much as you can about the benefits of a sound diet based on the science of nutrition. Take your time as you go through this site. It has a lot of very interesting information you can easily put to use in your own life and those of your loved ones…

Shall we begin?