14. Whole Food Healing

The first principle to whole food healing is discovering how to eliminate the cause of disease by removing negative foods and poor eating habits.

You must replace inferior foods with those of quality.

Eat whole grains instead of refined grains, unrefined monounsaturated oils for refined (rancid) oils, and organic foods for chemically treated foods.

It’s important to know how to supplement deficiencies (which is what causes most diseases) with strengthening.

Whole Food Healing

In the long term, when whole foods are eaten, supplementation of deficiency is more successful than by separate nutrients in a pill.  Supplements have merit but when the diet is optimal, they aren’t needed.  And, consider this, even “natural” vitamin supplements are usually more than 90% synthetic!  Vitamins in whole foods are immeasurably more effective.  For example, 70 mg of vitamin C ingested in the form of one cup of broccoli strengthens your immunity more effectively than 700 mg of synthetic vitamin C.  In the broccoli not only is absorption maximized but you also get beta-carotene, chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and phytochemicals.

Here’s another example:

Exactly how minerals should be balanced internally is a biochemical puzzle to scientists and their theories change year to year.  All the minerals in your body are in a delicate, dynamic balance.  If a deficiency in, say, calcium exists, other minerals will be out of balance, too.  In fact without adequate magnesium, phosphorous and vitamins A, C and D, it appears that calcium cannot be absorbed at all.

A favorable mix of all known nutrients
is found in a balanced whole food diet.

Studies also show that long-term supplementation with isolated vitamins (A, C, E, etc.) neither cure nor prevent serious diseases.

Clearly the safest, most effective route is to avoid nutritional extremes, and to eat the highest quality foods available, which are unprocessed, unsprayed, organically grown food.  These are much superior in nutrition, taste and energy.

The foods you eat are your choice.  There are over 50,000 different foods to choose from originating from all over the world, mostly in neat little packages for your convenience.  Easy preparation.

These processed foods give you more time in your day but less time to live.

You don’t have time not to have the time to eat right.  Your life depends on it!

“Don’t dig your grave with a knife and fork.”