Dieting (or not)

Just say no to diet foods and remember, Whole Natural Food is KEY to a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Dieting to lose weight is a tremendously unhealthy and counterproductive obsession. Keep your diet simple. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and less animal fat and protein. Avoid all pre-packaged and processed foods. The key phrase to remember is “nothing in excess”.

Losing weight is a side effect of a healthy whole foods diet. Really!

healthy living

If you’re eating a healthy diet and you exercise regularly, your weight will adjust to what is ideal for you – permanently.

Ideal weight varies with your body structure, heredity, level of activity/exercise, the amount of muscle in your body, your age, your height, and the ratio of body fat to lean body mass.

If you have a medical reason for dieting, follow your doctor’s instructions. If you are tremendously overweight, see your doctor. Otherwise, relax. Give yourself a break, eat healthy – it will come together for you with an ongoing commitment to nutritional health.

What should you eat exactly?