Benefits of Salt

The controversy over salt has raged for decades.  Salt has many benefits to our bodies – clarifying, alkalizing, purifying – but there is also great potential for misuse.


Studies have shown salt to be a true culprit. However, the salt being tested is the refined, chemical variety that is 99.5% sodium chloride, with additions of anti-caking chemicals, potassium iodide and sugar (dextrose to stabilize the iodine). Not the whole salt used for a millennia. The denaturing of whole salt should remind us of refined sugar and white bread.

The advent of chemical farming and food processing since World War II,  has resulted in the soil and much of our food throughout the world to become depleted of minerals and other nutrients. Our food, animal and vegetable, is full of pollutants and farm chemicals.

Minerals are a basis for the formation of vitamins, enzymes and proteins. A craving for salt is quite possibly a craving for the many minerals lacking in chemically grown food.

Salt intake should be limited to about 3,000 mg, about 2/3 of a teaspoon, per day. The average American consumes about 17,000 mg, about 3-1/2 teaspoons, per day mostly unintentionally from eating refined foods.

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