6.1 – Foodless Food

The additives called sucrose and glucose are the concentrate of naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables after throwing away everything else.  The “pure” substance left is actually a drug!  It is unrelated to anything that occurs naturally and thus makes terrible demands on your body.
Foodless food is big business
White flour has had practically everything of value removed during milling and the residue is sold separately at a high price, and called vitamin B!  (How does that make you feel?)  This is bad enough but what is added to the flour is much worse.

As fast as law prohibits one chemical another one is used in its place.  Enough?  Guess again.  When this milled flour passes to the bakers, devitaminized and bleached to “pure” white, the dough must be conditioned with yet more chemicals called “improvers”.  These help the bread retain freshness longer.

Bleached white flour is dead.  To be truly nutritious, bread must be made from 100% whole wheat which retains all the wheat germ and the consequent vitamins B and E.  It is a live substance!

Carefully read the labels!  Even breads boasting “whole wheat” may just be caramel colored to make you think it’s whole wheat!  These missing nutrients are critical to immune function, cell communication, appetite control, preventing free radicals, fetal brain development and hundreds of other functions.

It’s absolutely merciless how the “foodless food” industry distorts the facts.  So many of the rapidly increasing diseases we suffer from could be prevented by the nutrients discarded from wholesome grains, which, cumulatively, are a tremendous source of much needed nutrients, especially for kids.

The misinformation coming from the refined food industry is downright dangerous!

Even nutritional supplements give us misinformation or distortions of the truth.  Often supplements do not furnish nutrients that their users lack and usually numerous vitamins are omitted, which are as important as those supplied and many contain dozens of nutrients in insignificant amounts.

Only nature seems to understand the nutritional science required to create perfect body fuels.  Natural foods are balanced.  Whole foods contain precise amounts and ratios of vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals.

Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot compensate for a poor diet.  The natural balance in whole foods cannot be expected to be duplicated in a lab.  We know of some balances but nowhere near all.  For instance, we know calcium without phosphorous cannot be fully utilized.  Fat-soluble nutrients cannot be metabolized without fatty acids.

Trying to compensate for missing nutrients can cause other problems.