Researchers in the field of natural foods maintain that greens, grown organically, are one of the most powerful types of food grown.


All life on this planet is maintained primarily by the sun. Plants know how to capture the solar energy and mix it with the minerals from the earth, absorbed through the roots, and this arrangement enables the human bloodstream to receive the elements so necessary for cleansing and building. It has been noted that the elements making up the chlorophyll in plants are approximately the same elements from which red blood cells are constructed.

Chlorophyll cleanses, heals, and builds the body cells. It banishes anemic conditions quickly, reduces blood pressure, and aids the heart. It frees clogged arteries, smoothes out arthritic conditions, and improves digestion. As a result of a diet rich in chlorophyll, health is improved and a happier mental outlook is experienced.

With that said, I highly recommend eating more salads! Not only with greens, though…

A tossed or arranged salad can be spectacular by adding colors and shapes.

  • A grated carrot or beet can dramatize leafy greens
  • Cookie cutters can shape cucumber or turnip slices
  • Olives or toasted seeds add wonderful flavor
  • Vegetables left whole add a wholesome flair
  • Arranging simply cut vegetables and/or fruit by colors adds a dazzling touch to any meal
  • Use a melon baller (or 2 spoons) to form round (or oval) shapes from cooked potatoes, yams, squash, etc
  • Use a variety of leafy greens in season
  • Add radish slices, grated onion, fresh corn kernels

Tossed salad tips:

  • Rub the inside of a wooden salad bowl with a clove of peeled, crushed garlic
  • If you use oil, first toss the vegetables lightly with it, next add lemon juice, vinegar and herbs
  • If you use a dressing, pour it in the bottom of the salad bowl and toss lightly just before serving to keep vegetables from getting soggy

Now, about Salad Dressings