Who, What, Why

WHO? The World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization

The following pages are descriptions of the top three killer diseases as specified by the World Health Organization.

The descriptions herein are intentionally graphic. Understanding what it is that we are all up against is extremely important.

If we allow disease to be some vague thing that happens to “other people”, we will never take it seriously nor do what we can to prevent them to the best of our ability.

Remember, 65% of all diseases are preventable through sound nutrition. Your diet, the foods you choose to eat are more than just a healthy choice.  It may be your life.

According to the World Health Organization, no one dies from old age anymore.  All deaths are attributed to disease.  But, don’t make the mistake of thinking disease is reserved for “old people”.  Disease has no prejudice.

The next few pages delve into the top three killer diseases and how they can be prevented, at least in part, through sound nutrition – heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Note:  Please be advised that some examples of diseases given in the next two parts are rather shocking and graphic in nature.

With that warning, next is the number one killer disease in the U.S.