9. Nutritional Truth

We Fall Prey to Clever Mixtures of Truth and Misinformation

The multi-billion dollar refined food industry keeps people in ignorance about food quality and literally controls our health.  Clever mixtures of truth, misinformation and propaganda are designed to prevent interest in whole food nutrition from interfering with enormous profits.

Unfortunately, the refined food industry also controls a vast amount of nutritional research, by giving untold millions.  Much of this is valuable, but information that might harm sales goes unreported and problems where solutions could decrease profits are not investigated further.


The tremendous increase in ill-health has paralleled the ever-mounting consumption of refined foods, sweets and soft drinks and the corresponding decreased use of fresh vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, fruits, and legumes.

Independent research shows that diseases of almost every variety can be produced by an undersupply of various combinations of nutrients.  The combined number of multiple deficiencies, which can be endless, and the mildness or severity of each determines whether one disease or another will be produced.  The missing nutrients, which allow illnesses to develop, have been discarded in processing and refining foods.  Deficiency diseases can be corrected when all nutrients are supplied provided irreparable damage has not been done and, still better, these diseases can be prevented.

Only a small portion of the billions spent on research of diseases is used for nutritional investigation.  Is there any wonder why?  There’s no money in it.  The money is in treatments, drugs and supplements.

Many health professionals believe that American health cannot be saved until the advertising of the refined food industry is curtailed like that of the tobacco industry.

Nutritional information/education could help tremendously but getting adequate information into the hands of those of us already out of the educational arena is difficult at best. There is an awakening happening but not enough to turn the tide of our nation, or the world, which is beginning to adopt our fast, convenient food mentality.

In the past 50 years, many devastating diseases, like arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, heart disease, cancer and numerous others, have gone from being unknown to rampant. What will happen in the next 50 years if our eating habits do not change? If the present degeneration is to be halted, the energies of each of us are needed. We would not be the first nation destroyed by poor food, but in America we could be the first to degenerate while food is plentiful and knowledge of how to build health is available.

The health we enjoy or the sicknesses we endure are, in a large part, of our own making. No one except ourselves can eat the foods of value to us. No one has forced us to eat nutritionally depleted foods and give up whole foods. And, no one makes us support the refined food industry, which is actually starving us to death.