Your BrainLearn the secret of how your brain reacts to what you eat. Listen in as it carries on a conversation with the rest of your body…

Location: Control Center (Your Brain)

Incoming! Alert Digestion, we have activity in the mouth.  Get the gastric juices flowing.  It’s time to go to work.”

“Yes sir!  Hydrochloric acid has been secreted.  Digestive enzymes are active and on the front lines.”

“Hold it! Contact Pancreas and Small Intestine, we don’t have adequate digestive enzymes – we won’t be able to fully digest – we won’t be able to assimilate – we’ll lose the battle!”

“Yellow alert!  The rhythmical contractions of the stomach have slowed.  Small Intestine is wounded… he’s going down…  The food mass is not being mixed with the digestive juices and enzymes…”

“Where’s Potassium?  Potassium is always with Potatoes…  Get him!”

“I don’t think these are real Potatoes, sir.”

“Red Alert!  Contractions are seriously slowing.  Putrefactive bacteria is invading.  Gas is forming.  Duck and cover… this is going to hurt!”

“Get B vitamins from Liver, we need it here to help assimilate all this Sugar.”

“What if Liver has none to spare, sir?”

“It’s an order!  Tell him!  My Goodness!  What is going on here?  Give me a breakdown of all available Nutrient troops, stat!”

“Incoming trans fat bombs!  No, no!  Muck!  We’re wallowing in muck now, sir…”

“Warn the Heart!”

“Blood cells are sticking together, sir.  Blood oxygen has dropped by 20%.  Casualties are being reported from every sector…”

“Quick… send B vitamins up here to the brain… we’re going under…”

“B vitamins were depleted metabolizing blood sugar, sir.”

“Send Glutathione in, we’ve got free radicals up the yin yang here… This is a lot of incoming, where is support… where’s Nutrients?  Report!”

“Nutrients are missing in action, sir.  We’re being hit with Pure Carbohydrates.  Calories, sir.”

“What?  Are you serious?  It can’t be Natural.  What’s going on?”

“It’s not Natural, sir.  It’s Refined.  Processed Food.  Our Arch Enemy.”

“Foodless Food!  Idiot!  What are we… kamikaze now… it’s Suicide!”

“Blood is seriously clumping now, sir.”

“Shut off the supply to the small blood vessels…”

“Sir, the troops are totally weak and exhausted.  It looks like surrender is inevitable.”

“We did the best we could.  Give orders to hold out as long as possible… and send out a repeating signal for Nutrients…”

“Eat, eat, eat, eat…”

We overeat because we feed on
nutritionally inferior foods!

If we are what we eat, are we denatured, devitalized, deficient and potentially toxic?

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