Individual Paths to Health

Changes involving what you eat take individual paths.  The speed in which you look and feel better depends on your resolve and commitment, strengths and weaknesses, the difference between your previous choices of food and your new ones, and how fast or slow you implement your changes.

Think of food not in terms of dieting but in patterns of living.

Think of the food you eat as a part of how you can take care of yourself with whole foods (and shop farmer’s markets whenever you can!).

Shop Farmer's markets
Claims regarding specific nutrients will come and go and forever change but if you establish a healthy eating pattern of a variety of foods in moderation, the changes in information won’t mean a thing. You’ll be healthy and you’ll stay healthy.  Disregard fads and diets.

Knowing vitamin, mineral, and nutrient information is good but it’s not everything. With the knowledge you have gained on how foods act in your body, it is now up to you to self-evaluate and learn which foods and diets are best for you. Food is sometimes slow to effect, but more profoundly affects all systems of your body.

With information flowing as it does, it gets confusing what constitutes a healthy diet. Food is foundational.  Rebuild your foundation on the rock of God’s nature.

A Couple of Key Points:

  • When you adopt your new diet, expect some reactions as the biochemical processes within each cell changes.  Old toxins need to be released and sometimes this can be a bit uncomfortable for a short time.
  • As we grow older, we need less quantity of foods but more nutritionally concentrated foods.